Tenagra III: 0.41-m f/3.75 astrograph (16″) Telescope

0.41-m Tenagra III (16") Telescope on its new Paramount MEII mount
0.41-m Tenagra III (16″) Telescope on its new Paramount MEII mount


This telescope is the antitheses of the 0.81-m longer focal length scope. It is made to image very large portions of the sky to get as much data required to detect moving objects. It has a focal ratio of f/3.75. A 4” Wynne corrector flattens the field beautifully. Tenagra III has been an incredible success. We discovered 11 comets in a two year period, to the best of our knowledge an output rate never done by an amateur and even exceeding most professional sites working with telescope mirrors 3 and 4 times this size. The science camera is Kodak 16801 based 4096 x 4096 x 9u yielding 1.23″ per pixel, and a total field of view of 1.57º square. Field of view is 1.25º X 1.25º.

Telescope Control System
It is 100% ASCOM compliant.

The telescope is in a 14.5’ Ash dome which has been modified for continuous usage: (a) control of the upper and lower shutters is via monorail contacts and (b) the dome is rotated by a large stepper motor. Both dome shutter control and azimuth, can of course, be under manual or software control.

Additional Information
Questions are welcome! Contact Michael Schwartz at mbs@tenagraobservatories.com or 520-287-7893 (t).