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Since 2000 Tenagra Observatories has performed original research as well as sold telescope time to universities around the world.  As of January 1, 2015 Tenagra can no longer accept commercial customers.  It has received NASA grant #NNX15AE89G for a period of 3 years.  The accepted NASA proposal was to use the Tenagra telescopes for deep follow-up of newly discovered NEOs, follow-up of fast NEOs that may become lost and recovery of difficult to locate 1rst opposition NEO returns.

We graciously thank all the Tenagra customers for their support over the years.  Provided telescope time has generated hundreds of papers and observations (please see the list under the tab “About Michael Schwartz”.  We also thank NASA and our peer reviewers for deeming our current work worthy of greatly enhancing orbital information about NEOs as other, larger aperture sites continue to make increasingly more discoveries.

Tenagra would like to thank Dr. Paulo Holvorcem for his extreme dedication as a consultant over the last 15 years in writing ALL the software responsible for full robotic operation of telescopes, scheduling observations and other software contributions too numerous to list.  Dr. Holvorcem provides much of Tenagra’s software via license, including his celebrated system “SkySift” which is the brains behind real-time identification of moving objects while observations are made throughout the night.  Please visit Dr. Holvorcem’s website, http://sites.mpc.com.br/holvorcem/, to contact him and see packages you may wish to license for your installation.

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